My Food Challenge


My Food Challenge is a food and lifestyle blog written by me, Hayley Jayne Toothill, a novice foodie and Social Media type, living in Sheffield, UK.

Inspired by a late night showing of Julie and Julia on New Years Eve 2012, My Food Challenge started out as a top-secret ambitious challenge to explore food and blog about it everyday.

In the first few weeks it received an unanticipated amount of views, likes and comments, so I decided to share my new blog publicly across the web and invite my friends to join in the fun.

On My Food Challenge you’ll find a collection of easy recipes, foodie explorations and personal foodie musings. This isn’t a blog for food experts, oh no – it’s for fellow novice foodies who want to explore food too.

I hope you’re able to join me on my food journey.

Thanks for reading.

Hayley Jayne xx


12 Responses to “My Food Challenge”

  1. judilyn

    LOVE Julia Child and Meryl Streep, so what a great combination. Enjoyed the movie very much, and will be anxious to follow your adventures! ;->

      • jbrueff

        Hi Hayley – I like your blog a lot! I’m a minimalist, and one of the areas I’m trying to simplify is my diet – simple, cheap, and quick recipes help me cut my expenses, gain more time, and minimize frustration caused by complication. That’s my two cents! I’m looking forward to reading more about your food challenge!

      • hayleyjaynefood

        It will make such a difference to how you feel too – I sometimes make more complicated meals on a weekend, but I seriously have no time at all in the week! Thanks for following – hope you enjoy reading my posts 🙂

  2. Married in Marrickville

    Great blog and love the inspiration for your journey, keep it up.

  3. The Chef, his Wife and their PERTH-fect life

    Hi Hayley, I’m really enjoying reading your blog! I used to live in Sheffield, and was interested to see if there were any Food Bloggers in Sheffield – as here are a million in Perth!! I am planning a hol back to Sheff in the next year or so, so I’m on the look-out for where the best places to eat are now, I’ve not been there for a long time! Keep up the good work! Amanda 🙂

    • hayleyjaynefood

      Hi Amanda – there’s a few of us in Sheffield. Feast & Glory is my fave Sheffield blogger – she’s great and writes much more in depth reviews than I do.

      Ah there’s loads of new places. Feel free to drop me a line on Twitter when you’re heading down and I’ll recommend some places to try x

    • hayleyjaynefood

      Yep. Everyday – not a recipe every day, sometimes just a musing. And I work full time… only for three more months now – then I’ll blog a few times each week 🙂

  4. Keli Daniele

    I just found your blog (searched wordpress tags for ‘food’) and I can already tell I’ll love it. I’ve considered posting about food on my blog but am too intimidated and until now I haven’t had the chance to put the work into it. Also, I’m from Oklahoma (USA) and had to look up Sheffield-love reading stuff from around the world!

    • hayleyjaynefood

      Hi Keli! You should write a food blog – it’s lots of fun and a great way to share your recipes. You don’t need to be an expert – I’m not at all 🙂

      I hope you do enjoy my blog. Sheffield’s a lovely place (it’s the greenest city in Europe – it’s so pretty). I don’t know much about Oklahoma – maybe you could write about food and where you live 🙂 x


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