That’s all, folks!

On 1st January 2013 I set out on a year long challenge to blog about food everyday change my life. I was unhappy at work, lacked confidence and needed an emotional outlet. Just like in the film Julie & Julia, I lacked the conviction to see things through and needed to mix things up a bit. So I started this blog, and didn’t tell a soul!

What started out as a secret blog soon turned into a wonderful hobby I shared with those similar to me a few months in. I cooked, ate and blogged, with some of my highlights including fresh pasta making, experimenting with cakes and blogging from the top of Mount Snowdon (above). Through out the year myself and Dan also got to eat at wonderful places, review delicious foods and meet some lovely people. It’s been truly amazing and did just what I hoped it would – it changed, EVERYTHING! I quit my job, started a new (very good) one and then left this for a dream opportunity in the alcohol industry. My confidence blossomed, with some help from some kind readers and I no longer concern myself with the opinions of others and stand for negativity. Experimenting with food does wonders for the soul…

2013 has been wonderful! My Food Challenge has been wonderful.
Which is why it can’t end here. It won’t. 2014 will see my launch a new blog focused on quality over quantity and will be about everything I love – not just food. Think interiors, furniture restoration, music, books, fashion, walks and more – so much more…

I’ll tell you more about this in a few weeks. Right now I need rest. I really need some rest…

Thanks for reading and a special thank you to Dan and my friends for their continued support! I’ll see you in 2014…

Happy New Year!

Hayley Jayne x


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