Three days. Three discoveries.

362 days down. 3 to go. After a whole year of blogging mostly about food and sometimes life, my year long challenge is nearly over. I expected to feel emotional and at one point I would have told you that my blog would never end, but I don’t. If anything I’m relieved. Life’s twists and turns are full of surprises and the last 3 months have had a few tricks up their sleeves. That said, I’ve stuck it out and have discovered a few things about myself along the way.

1. I CAN stick things out to the end. When I started this challenge I mirrored the character Julie in the film Julie & Julia – full ideas that rarely make it to the end. I discovered that I can see things through – the trick is only trying things I’m 100% committed to.
2. I’m not a bad writer. Working as a communicator you often find that your work evolves and is inevitably changed. Having written daily for a year, I’ve not only found that I’m a good enough writer for 40k of you to read my posts – my writing has improved and it’s so much easier! Of recommend writing a blog to any creative writer types.
3. Food is what I do when I’m bored. I say this because I’ve not had a second to be bored in the past few months and I have ‘done’ as much food. It’s my hobby. A huge love. A massive part of my life. In some ways, cooking a good meal inspires a simpler life. It makes me happy. Not just eating it, but the creativity of making it.

It’s been an incredible journey and thanks so much to those of you who keep stopping by!

2 more posts to go!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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