New house. New kitchen. New blog.


The last month on my blog must have made for some pretty depressing and self-indulgent reading. It’s all been about me, how stressed I am and how much I want our house purchase to be done and dusted. Urgh – I’m so sorry! I bore myself. When you’re in the middle of a so called ‘shite storm’ you don’t really think about much else. You’re blinkered to everything that’s happening around you and focused on the END! So I’m sorry. The last month has been full of cop-out post and may be an anti-climax – but hey, 2013 was just the beginning. My Food Challenge will take on a whole new guise in 2014! Ooooooo! Exciting 🙂

Now there’s some light at the end of the tunnel I can start thinking about our new kitchen and what this means for my blog. I love blogging about food and the last one/two months on here have been pretty appalling. My love for food has taken a back seat as new job and then new house have taken centre stage – but there’s a lot I can learn from this. Bob Dylan once sang that ‘Time are a changing’. They’re forever changing. With that my blog needs to change too. Since the start of My Food Challenge so much in our lives has changed – our thoughts, opinions, passions – they’ve changed in sooo many ways. In part because that’s what happens when you’re ‘growing up’ and in part because of this blog.

So, here’s the deal. Our new kitchen will once again be the epicentre of My Food Challenge/whatever I call it next. Said room has wooden kitchen units and worktops with a belfast sink, crazy bright tiles, red walls and an original cupboard. In the middle will be a table where we’ll eat, chat, drink and blog. The contents of these four walls will inspire countless recipes that I may even make using crops grown in our own garden (which I’ll blog about too). No doubt we’ll paint, decorate, rip things out and put things in (I’ll also blog about this) and I’ll come up with some mad thoughts on life (of course, I’ll share these too).

Our new house and new kitchen will lead to a whole new blog focused not just on food, but home decor, crop growing, long walks, friends, family and love!

I’m sorry about the last few months. I have an exciting recipe for you tomorrow and a whole 2014 full of inspiring posts (I hope).

Glad I cleared that up!

Hayley Jayne xx


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