Lunching ladies at Pizza Express

A few weeks ago I was invited to review the vegetarian menu at Pizza Express. Never one to say no to a good bit of food, I decided to take two friends along this afternoon for a lunch time treat ahead of a manic few festive weekend ahead.

There are no less than five (yes FIVE) Pizza Express restaurants to chose from in Sheffield. I’d been to two out of the three city centre locations, so we went to the one I’d never been to before at St Pauls near the Winter Gardens. It’s a very shiny Pizza Express – much more casual and ‘chain like’ than the one on Devonshire Green which to my mind is a little more rustic and ‘night out’. We sat down, had some soft drinks (it was waaaay to early for a glass of wine) and ordered veggie.

My two very healthy friends opted for the Superfood and Bosco salads – whilst I picked a Padana pizza, with loads of cheese. It was a thin base topped with goats cheese, mozzarella and caramelised onions. I usually get the Rustichella, which is also a thin based pizza topped with rocket, parmesan, pancetta and ceasar sauce. I had very high hopes of my pizza choice – and it was OK, however the goats cheese was very strong and didn’t really need such a vinegary caramelised onion. In the end I picked it off as it was over powering and tasted a little pre-made.

Elaine and Rachel seemed happy with their salad choices and the staff were attentive and friendly. It made for a really lovely lunch experience. If I’m honest I’ll probably stick to the Devonshire Green location as I think it’s much more intimate – and although I liked my Padana pizza, it doesn’t come close to the Rustichella – I don’t think any pizza does.

What’s your favourite Pizza Express dish?

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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