The Moor Markets: something Sheffield should be proud of


I walk past The Moor Markets in Sheffield everyday on my commute to work and watched the building process in its very final stages, from shell to Sheffield landmark, but until today I hadn’t popped in. So as we darted around Sheffield finding things to make Christmas presents with, we payed the new markets a visit, perused some of the new stalls and picked up a few bargains for our Christmas crafting.

Now I’m not going to lie – I loved Castle Market, despite it’s old age and pungent fishy smells, it had a real sense of Sheffield heritage and heaps of character. It reminded me so much of the markets I used to visit with my Mum and Grandma as a child. However, for those not brought up in post-industrial, working class towns like myself – I can totally see why the old markets were a massive turn off for people outside of the city. They were old, some parts were derelict and they were dirty.

The new markets are smaller, brighter and cleaner- and it was heaving. Old stall holders from Castle Market have really upped their game on the branding front to ensure their goods appeal to a new audience. Despite the relocation much of the stalls still retain their old character with newer stalls getting a piece of the action. I was partially pleased to see a small organic veg shop selling Yorkshire grown golden beetroots and a new cake shop called Cakelicious selling the most incredible cakes at a reasonable price. We had a piece of Opera cake between us – it was out of this World and will give existing cake bakers a real run for their money. The Moor Markets are still a place to explore and embrace new foods. In all honesty- I prefer them. A job very well done.

Sheffielders and adopted Sheffielders (like myself) should be proud of it!

What do you think of Sheffield’s new markets?

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx



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