Oh humble fish & chips

We’re getting into the very bad habit of eating take aways at the moment. Who can blame us – our flat has been turned upside down with moving and we’re both really busy at work. I was in London last night and I’m too tired to cook, so we’re having some of Crookes finest fish and chips.

This got me on to thinking – where did the idea for fish and chips come from? It’s a traditionally British dish synonymous with the seaside and nights in. As with most British dishes, the widespread availability of fish around out Island came as a result of industrialisation. Trawler fishing and the rail network made it easier to get around. But why batter fish? Well, Wikipedia tells us that it came from Jewish communities from Spain and Portugal – they introduced us to the idea of battering food and the first fish and chip shop opened in the 1860s in London and spread from there. Don’t think they’d condone the deep frying of chocolate mind – let’s leave that to the scots.

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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