How long should you wait for your dinner?


Tonight myself and my colleague went to grab a bite to eat after work before heading to a work event. We were absolutely starving and, as it was graduation night and we were eating near the City Hall, we decided to head to somewhere for quiet for a quick bite – or so we thought. Within 30 seconds we had chosen our meals and I was stood at the bar ready to order… after being called ‘honey’ and ‘hun’ a million times by the barmaid (which I hate by the way), we sat down and waited… and waited, and waited.

Now I know what you’re going to say… yes, I should have told them we were in a rush and needed to be somewhere. However the place was pretty quiet and we were only having paninis, chips and onion rings – how long should that take really? Fifteen minutes tops? No. In this restaurant’s case, it took nearly an hour. After 35 minutes I chased up our meals with a waiter, only to be told some terrible story about how a bell was broken and they ‘forgot’ about our food. With ten minutes to spare they brought our food. We wolfed down what we could and power walked to our event, £20 out of pocket.

What an absolute shambles.

How long should you wait for food?

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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