Don’t buy my presents, just give me a slice of your time… and Christmas dinner.


Ah Christmas, the time of year people spend a small fortune on pointless gifts we’ll ‘Ooo’ and ‘Ahhhhh’ at on the day, but by January those ‘thoughtful gifts’ are gathering dust. Money wasted. That’s why being skint at Christmas is a god send. Everyone should experience being skint on Christmas. 

With the whole house purchase thing going on, Dan and myself are limited to what we can buy people and what we can do this year. While a lot of people would be freaking out about cancelling Christmas – we cannot wait. New house, a week off and some quality time with our families. After all, isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Food and family? 

Over the last few years, since becoming a part if Dans family, Christmas has taken on a new and exciting guise. What once was an uncomfortable ‘where will I go’ occasion, it’s now something of a tradition. A tradition I look forward to. Me and Dan sleep on the floor, wake up and I go crazy over the fact that I’m now part of a family that opens presents after lunch (who does that?). We have a bacon sandwich for breakfast, followed by chocolate and chill out around the fires. Dans Mum is busy around the house making dinner, before we sit as a family around the table, pop our crackers, place paper hats on out heads and dig in. It’s a rustic, homely and rugged affair. I absolutely love the time around the table on Christmas Day. Forget presents – just give me that. 

In the following few days we’ll have quality time with family we haven’t seen for a while, and catch up whilst gorging over glorious food. 

I’m so excited to eat and see people. Forget presents, seeing my favourite faces over indulgent food is enough for me. 

Until tomorrow 

Hayley Jayne xx


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