One day I’ll own a little victorian house…


… I said something along those lines a few years ago. That’s when our hopes and dreams of buying our first house began. I’ve been looking at houses and spending my weekend trawling through Rightmove for years. Keeping track on house prices and the market in general has been a big part of our lives. So, myself and Dan came up with a shopping list of all the things we wanted our first house to have. Nothing extravagant – not at all. Just little things like character, some exposed brick, a log burning fire and a belfast sink. I really wanted a terraced house with some detailing around the door… and a red door if possible. OK, so that’s a long list. But hey… we had to dream.

Now we don’t want to jinx the whole process as the paperwork is yet to go through – but we may soon be moving into our perfect house. It has EVERYTHING we want – and we’re both excited and exgausted (<< I should fix this typo but it just goes to show how tired we are) from all the planning. Our whole weekend has been taken up by buying, collecting and painting furniture. I wasn’t going to say anything about the house yet… but jeez, after this weekend I have nothing much to say about food other than it doesn’t quite taste the same because I’m so darn excited.

Our lives until Christmas will be taken up by chasing solicitors so we can move in before Christmas Day. After that? We’ll be moving, painting, planning and everything else. Arghhh! So yea, this is our lives now… we’re so grown up! I’ll tell you more about our pretty little victorian terraced house soon!

Hayley Jayne xx


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