Happy Hayley-day [to me]


I have a day off today (hence my day-time week-day blog post). After an amazing brass band sesh at the Leadmill last night, courtesy of Young Blood Brass Band, and a few incredibly stressful weeks – I am forcing myself to relax. R-E-L-A-X. Something I’ve never been very good at.

My day started with an early wake up call from Dan’s alarm – he slept through so I was up and about at half 7 – GUTTED! I didn’t get to sleep until 1am. That said, I was dressed and ready for the day by half 8 – so I ventured to the cafe in the Botanicals with a book and a forced sense of calm. Weirdly it took me a short while to settle down, get comfy and get lost in my book. After 30 minutes and a few sips on my chai latte, in the calmness of a beautiful Autumn setting I found myself staring out of the window, doing nothing. Hurrah! When I was ready (and only when I felt like it was time to move on) was followed by a walk through the gardens… I wouldn’t even call it a walk. It was a stroll. A short stroll. As I meandered through the windy paths I realised that I very rarely stop and look at what’s going on around me. I’ve been through those gardens so many times before… but it’s been well over six months since I stopped and really looked at the colours and the setting on my own.

I took my time walking into Broomhill to get something to make for lunch. Now I’m home, in my slippers, ready to make some lunch and spend my afternoon watching French films and reading more of my book.

Sometimes you just need to get out, walk in the cold, go to a quiet cafe, read and a book and do NOTHING to appreciate the simple things in life. Happiness can be found in the most quiet, calm and simple places.

My morning has been lovely. Now for an equally relaxing afternoon.

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx

PS. I know this post is much about food, but it’s my day off from everything ;). 


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