Dear Demijohn

Dear Demijohn…

A few years ago I stumbled into a wine and spirit shop in Edinburgh and fell in love with it instantly. On all walls were bottles and vessels filled with unusual wines and spirits – like a sweet shop for grown ups. So, as you’d expect I bought some mulberry wine… Then left it on a bus never to be seen again. I remembered the taste and how much I wanted to drink it, but I couldn’t remember the name of the shop. Gutted!

That was until I received an email from their PR team asking if I wanted to sample some of their drinks. A lover of wine and gin, I tried one of each; my long lost mulberry wine and some gooseberry gin.

The packaging of the samples is what you would expect from a full size bottle and Demijohn clearly take pride in presentation. They are carefully decanted and packaged so they arrive with you safely, whilst inducing a sense of excitement as you open them. I tried the mulberry wine first – if I’m honest the sample wasn’t large enough for a full glass and I personally think you you can judge a wine on half a glass, that said the flavour was light and fruity. It’s a red wine for people who maybe don’t traditionally drink it as it’s not got the sharpness or bitterness of some full bodied drinks. I certainly prefer it and think its a lovely lighter alternative.

The Gin was lovely. We both had some with tonic. It didn’t need line as the fruity gooseberry flavours of the gin balance the butter after taste you get with straight gin. I would haven liked more – but isn’t that always the case.

If you’re looking for a tipple with a twist, I would defiantly recommend you check out Demijohn!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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