I should be eating treacle toffee and watching fireworks, but…


… as a blogger it’s easy to sometimes feel under pressure to conform with what’s going on ‘out there’, even when you’re busy away dealing with what’s going on ‘in here’. Our lives are a tad mental at the moment, for reasons I will hopefully share with you in the coming months. In an ideal world we’d be out with our friends, huddled by a bonfire in the rain sipping on locally brewed ale, nibbling on treacle toffee and ‘oooing’ and ‘aaahhhing’ at a fireworks display. Instead we’re sat at home, trawling through paper work to get our lives in order before I make Dan work some knots out of my back that have accumulated there due to stress.

Quite frankly the last think I want to do is stand in the cold and rain pretending to enjoy the sparklers and fireworks when I want to be in bed, resting my back and my full-head. I love local beer and treacle toffee (gawd I bloody LOVE treacle toffee), however tonight I’m being a party-pooping non-conformist blogger. You won’t see any stunning firework related instagram snaps, or any warming bonfire shots from me I’m afraid. Tonight is about life-sorting and Hollyoaks – and maybe a drive out to somewhere we can enjoy the fireworks in the warmth of a car.

Bloody love toffee though – you should try make some! That’s my plan for my day off on Friday (whoooo)!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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