Is Groupon killing small eateries?


Myself and Dan are living life on an extremely tight budget at the moment. With hopes and dreams of buying a house, unless it’s a special occasion we simply can’t afford to go out every weekend and pay £30-40 on a meal. How many people our age can (legitimately – without whacking all of their purchases on credit?) Whilst we want to go out and support our favourite eateries – we’re 90% driven by cost at the moment, which is why we love Groupon.

Tonight we’re off to Balti King in Broomhill for an Indian feast. If we’re honest there’s no way we’ll eat all of the food that’s on offer – for £10 we’ll get a starter, main, rice and naan, and that £10 is all together. We’d usually share and rice and naan between us and we’ll most likely ask if we can do the same tonight – even still, all of this for £10 is a great deal – surely Balti King can’t be making a huge profit? So is this killing their business? On the one hand anyone who visits from now until March will more than likely purchase the offer potentially meaning that their losing out once they’ve paid their fees to Groupon. That said, if you’re nifty about it you can make sure they get 100% of the money. We called and offered to book with them direct and they jumped at the chance – you should do it with offers like this too. On the other hand, whilst we’re not flush with cash now – when we are we’re more likely to visit somewhere we’ve been before and enjoyed. Also, if we like it we’ll tell other people about it too. There’s a lot of Groupon-bashers out there, but if restaurants want footfall, Groupon will most certainly deliver.

We’re all under financial pressure and where we can enjoy the finer things in life without paying over the odds for it, we should. I can’t wait for our feast tonight – although we’ll go pay full whack at a Sheffield eatery in December to celebrate our anniversary and support the best of local talent We’re not always stingy (although sometimes we have to be) and we don’t always expect restaurants to give away their food for next to nothing.

My thoughts on Groupon clearly come from the viewpoint of a consumer. Do your views differ? Are you a business owner? 

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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