I tweeted for a table, and won a HOLIDAY!


In the Summer you may remember me blogging about The Co-ops #Tweet4aTable campaign, in which they took a travelling pop-up restaurant on tour and invited people to come and eat for free by tweeting for their table. I was one of the lucky few to win a place and, along with some delicious food and glorious sunshine, there was an additional competition to win a holiday. All you had to do was tweet a picture of you enjoying your meal and include the hashtag #Tweet4abeach. From a professional standpoint I thought it was a clever way to get people to share their experience with their friends and from a personal stand point, never thought I’d be in with a chance but I gave it a go anyway – this was my entry.


Months went buy and their tour continued. I set the competition to the back of my mind, even though I cited the campaign at work in a number of meetings. That was until today.

Today I got a Tweet from the @Tweet4aTable team. I though they were linking to my blog post or something, but no. To my absolute shock the Tweet said that I had WON!!! I WON A FRICKIN HOLIDAY! We haven’t been away this year and I was worried we wouldn’t get away next year either. It came as a complete shock and I’m still digesting the fact that next year we’ll be going on an all-inclusive holiday to Marmaris!

Big thanks to The Co-op for picking me AND well done for a wonderful campaign. I thought it was brilliant and I hope you bring it back next year!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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