You know those days when you feel packed full of toxins?

amazing-quotes-and-pieces-of-advice_66The past few weeks have been stressful to say the least. My mind, body and soul have taken a fair battering and as I begin to recover I am more than feeling its full effects. I’m tired, my hair and skin have both seen better days and I feel so off balance I’m veering off the scales. My body is most certainly full of harmful toxins and in short I feel horrible. How do I find my balance and my sense or purity again? Quite simply, I need look after mind, body and soul.

To do this I’m going to take some drastic action. In the past few weeks I’ve eaten quite a lot of meat, cheese, chocolate and bread. I’ve had way too much alcohol (granted this in part comes with the job – tut) and both my sugar and salt intake have been high. This needs fixing – this week my diet is getting stripped back and I’m going to go cold turkey. Breakfast will be fruit and natural yoghurts. After my one coffee in the morning I’ll drink tea with honey or have herbal tea. Lunch will be salad, muesli with yoghurt or anything healthy. Dinner will be vegetarian and bread free. If I want pasta it will be wholemeal and every dish will be packed full of veg. Loads of the stuff. If I’m craving something sweet after dinner I’ll have tonic water with lime – it’s just about sharp enough to satisfy my taste craving and tricks my body into thinking it’s having loads of sugar – when it isn’t.

On top of this I’m going to try my best to make time to exercise more. Even if it’s a run or another walk on top of what I walk daily. I need to spend time outdoors to release some of the toxins my body builds up when I’m stressed. Meditation is also something I need to do more of. And good music, think Submotion Orchestra or Fink. Feeling balanced and pure is the best feeling in the world and I’ve felt off balance for ages now.

Operation ‘eff off toxins’ is underway, starting with a tasty stuffed butternut squash dish for dinner this evening.

Wish me luck!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


2 Responses to “You know those days when you feel packed full of toxins?”

  1. Hannah Hassack (@HannahRuthPR)

    I completely identify with this! If I even have one weekend of wine and carbs, I feel like a shadow of myself. and can’t wait to hammer the veg drawer! The best piece of advice I have ever been given is ‘the key to life is balance’ – in everything, including what we put in our bodies. Good luck with your detox :)! xx


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