Recipe #97: Pork & apple sausage kebabs


Sausages. I don’t eat them often. If you keep up with my blog you’ll know that I’m not a huge lover of pork after overloading on pig one time at a hog roast. I’m slowly rekindling my love for the meat and this dish has taken me one step closer.

On our last shop we picked up some pork and apple sausages (Aldi if you’re wondering). Usually I like to make casseroles, but tonight we didn’t want to wait that long. I wasn’t up for pasta, rice or potato – too stodgy. Instead we opted to make some kebabs. When I say we I mean Dan. I went and had a shower (and accosted by a giant spider but that’s a story for another day). I told him how to make it and they turned out beautiful – part down to my instructions and part down to Dan’s cutting skills. Dan served them up with mixed leaf salad and a dollop of apple sauce. Totally tasty.

To make them you’ll need:

  • 8 pork and apple sausages
  • 1 courgette
  • 1 pepper, yellow or red
  • Mushrooms
  • Oil
  • Skewers


  1. Pre-heat your oven to 180-200 degrees.
  2. Cut up your sausages into mouthful size pieces (you should get 3-4 out of each) and cut your veg.
  3. Feed them on to your skewers and place on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Drizzle with oil and bake for 25 minutes – turning through out.
  4. That’s it. Serve up with applesauce and enjoy!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


2 Responses to “Recipe #97: Pork & apple sausage kebabs”

  1. ericaeckman

    WOW so innovative. I love it.

    I recently started my own lifestyle/food blog (like yesterday haha) and I would love your feedback!! Would you mind checking it out? Thanks so much 🙂


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