It’s GBBO final night…


This is my second bash at this post as I accidentally deleted it on my way to work! Phew, managed to publish it with minutes to spare…

Anyhow, hold on to your hats fellow foodies, it may be raining cats and dogs but the GBBO final is mere hours away. That’s a thought to cheer up any dreary Tuesday morning, right?

I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for Ruby and I’ve wanted her to win from episode one, for two reasons. Firstly, I like her. Despite what the Jan Moirs of the world might say about her, Ruby is young, talented and endearing. Whilst her bakes don’t stand up to Frances’ breathtaking attention to style, given a rustic challenge, she can bake it to perfection!

Secondly, I overheard a conversation at work yesterday about young people not cooking and baking enough. Whilst I’d disagree on behalf on my friendship group, when I think about my age group as a whole I have to agree. Surely someone as young, pretty and lovely as Ruby could inspire a few more young home cooks by winning the show? Although more people are chopping, mixing, blending and baking more – I think more role models are needed to encourage us to cook.

What are my thoughts on the rest of the finalists? Kim of very talented but equally competitive, whilst I liked her at the beginning I’ve liked her less as the show has gone on. Frances’ creativity is out of this world and she seems so lovely too – if she can perfect her flavours she could well win.

I’d like to wish all three of them the best of luck, but let’s be honest – the winner has be chosen and filmed! Oh gawd – I’m nervous for them anyway!

Who do you want to win?

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


2 Responses to “It’s GBBO final night…”


    I thought Kimberley was solid throughout, but Ruby was sometimes brilliant too, Frances I’ve never been that keen on. I got sick of hearing the words ‘style’ and ‘substance’! Don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but the winner really shocked me, seems like it was all based on the final showstopper which feels a bit unfair.

    As for young people baking, I agree- my sister and I bake but not many other young people that I know. Hopefully that’ll change in the future though, when I went to a local ‘Bake and Decorate’ course quite a few of the people there were learning how to bake so that they could teach their young children.

    • hayleyjaynefood

      That’s really sweet that people went so they could teach their children. I’m lucky as I’m interested enough to learn via blogs and YouTube videos. Glad Frances won after her performance – she’s very very talented x


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