Crafting with salt dough!

I’m a little bit off my food at the moment, so instead I’m going to talk you about some non-edible baking I’ve been getting up to recently! 

This weekend I’ve been making, baking and crafting to make some pretty presents for Christmas and for our home. I usually make sweets and biscuits for presents in the run up to the festive season – however this year I’m being super prepared and have made some salt dough gifts and decorations early. It’s very cathartic and a cheap way to make personalised gifts for loved ones.

As some of the people I’ve made salt dough gifts for are likely to read this post, I’m not going to share pictures of my creations as I want them to be a surprise. Instead I’m going share some salt dough inspiration, but first I should tell you how to make it.

I used American measuring cups although you can use any measurements you like. In a mixing bowl add two parts plain flour to one part table salt and one part cold water. Work together with your hands into a dough you can roll out, without it sticking to your work surface. You’ll also need some ink pads and some stamps, you can buy these off eBay for just a few pounds, or pop to Hoby Craft although this is much more expensive.

For my presents I rolled out my dough to 1/2 cm thickness and used cookie cutters to cut our heart shapes before ink-stamping with birds, letters and floral patters. You don’t just have to make any shape – you can even make candle holders. These are the two blog posts I was inspired by when making my gifts – they are certainly worth a read.

Via Intimate Weddings

Via Intimate Weddings

We’re planning on making something like this for our wedding favours – although they make lovely gifts too.



These are super Christmassy and would look great on a real tree (the website is in Italian but translates into English).

Happy crafting!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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