Lemsip, soothers and a loss of taste…

JonRiche LemsipIceQueen

My cold has well and truly taken a-hold of me. I’m snotty, I’ve been sick and I ache everywhere. After making it into work (with some help from Dan), I sloped home after an hour and retreated to my bed to do some work… which I had a bash at, but my brian feels like a blurry mush – so heaven knows what I’ll think when I look at it all again. Being ill is frustrating and annoying. 

On top of ibuprofen, lemon with honey and cereal bars, I’ve been attempting to sip on lemsip without throwing up, and having soothers every so often. Aside from the lemon and lemsip – my sense of taste is failing me. Where as usually I can pick out when something is missing from a dish – now everything tastes similar. I can get a bit of spicy and sweet (we laced our tea with loads of sweet chilli sauce so I could taste it) – but beyond that I’d struggle to make flavours out. Instead of food being the highlight of my day, it’s been a struggle to eat at times, and when I have eaten – it hasn’t tasted nice. 

Why is this? Well, I watched a documentary about a woman who lost her sense of taste a while ago, which explained this perfectly. Whilst we pick up tastes like salty, bitter, sweet, sour and spicy on our tongue, the flavour is picked up by our nose. As we eat the smell finds its way to the back of the nose – and your brain links the flavour smells and the taste on your tongue together to give you a rounded experience of you food. If you’re nose is blocked, like mine – you lose some of your ability to taste and therefore enjoy food. It comes back of course – and I seriously can’t wait – as if being tired, snotty, sick and struggling to keep up at work isn’t enough – this sodding cold can do one. 

Urghh… I just sneezed all over my laptop. I think I need to go back to bed. 

Until tomorrow 

Hayley Jayne xx



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