Learning to eat breakfast again…

Since starting my new job three Mondays ago, I have forgotten how to eat breakfast. My body is out of sync and the prospect of eating my usual breakfast choice of porridge before I leave the house literally turns my stomach! Alas I tried this morning to throw a bowl of coconut and raisin porridge down my neck before power walking for my bus… But my tummy wasn’t having any of it. One mouthful through my food, I was literally gagging. What the heck is wrong with me?

The repercussions of not eating breakfast are not good. I’m not concentrating as much as I could be at work and I’m hungry through the day. I need a solution. I need to sort this out.

You see I used to eat my breakfast at work. I’d been awake for three hours and was ready for it. However my feet don’t touch the ground the second I press the on-button on my laptop in my new job. Taking precious time out of my morning just isn’t an option, and I can’t get in earlier due to public transport. Eating before I get the bus makes me feel sick and there’s not enough time to eat at work. I think have an idea that may help me kick start my day healthily.

A healthy breakfast should contain oats, fruit and dairy. Or to my mind it should. If I blend all of these together, I could drink my breakfast, drink it! What a good idea?! Why can’t I just buy a smoothie? Simple, we’ve all seen the news… They’re full of sugar and preservatives. Not for me thanks, that’s not how I want to start my day.

My solution is to make a drinkable breakfast and have it on my way into work, and my next step is to find some cheap fruit, blend-able oats and dust down my smoothie maker.

… And find some recipes! If you have some you think I should try, send them my way.

This week is all about leaning to eat breakfast again!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


4 Responses to “Learning to eat breakfast again…”

  1. rosiebakes.com

    My Dad would never let me out of the house without eating breakfast and over the years I have learnt to love it; but I sympathize with you, after a big bowl of porridge and a 75 minute commute today I felt pretty sick. I haven’t made this for ages but here’s an innocent smoothie recipe:

    Banana, oats and medjool dates
    2 servings

    75ml apple juice
    1/2 banana
    1-2 tsp honey
    3 medjool dates (or 5 normal ones, soaked in hot water, if you’re feeling poor)
    200g natural yoghurt
    20g oats

    Blend the juice, banana, honey and dates until smooth, add the yoghurt and oats and pulse 4 times.
    I found it nicer if you left it to thicken up a bit.

      • rosiebakes.com

        Oh good 🙂 not sure about freezing it, don’t think I’ve frozen that recipe but banana tends to go a bit grey and mushy in the freezer so might not look as pretty.

      • hayleyjaynefood

        I’ve just made up a batch minus honey as I didn’t have any in and it tastes lovely so far. I’ve decanted it into a an old milk carton so will see how much it lasts.

        I now have a breakfast in a bottle – very exciting 🙂 x

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