Life without My Food Challenge…

imageIn just a few days I’ll have blogged about food everyday for three quarters of a year. From January to September I’ve blogged recipes, musings and even my most personal thoughts. Could I cope without this blog now? No. It’s so ingrained in who I am and how I live my life – each day I have to be creative and each day I have to think about food. What would my life be like without this blog? I’m not sure I’d want to know…

In some respects life would be a little easier. After a long day, sometimes sitting at a screen for an extra half an hour, or writing up a blog post on my phone on a crowded bus is the last thing I want to do. It is exhausting – even today I’m struggling to stay enthused, but that’s part of it. Some days I’m incredibly motivated and excited… And others, I struggle!

In the same breath, I could also say that life would be soooooooo boring without my blog. People come and talk to me about it when we’re out and it gives me reason to focus on and care about elements of food I wouldn’t usually consider. We review some great products, go out for fabulous meals and experiment with new ingredients every week! We love it… We’re having so much fun.

Three months to go… Just three more months!

Until tomorrow…

Hayley Jayne xx



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