How to handle a hairy burger…


I’m not going to name any names in this blog post, but I will email a copy of it to the restaurant as I think a lot can be said for good service and turning a hairy situation around.

Last night I met my friend for food in a Sheffield restaurant/bar. Up until yesterday I found the service in said bar to be lacking and a bit slow… But since my last visit they’ve most certainly upped their customer focus – the staff were quick, attentive and friendly.

So I ordered a veggie burger. I was starving. So hungry I was about to eat my cutlery. I cut into my burger and found a hair – ew! But I was too hungry to give a damn, so I wrapped it in a napkin and carried on. When the waiter came round and asked if our meal was ok, we showed him the hair – not complaining (or asking for a refund), we simply informed him. He apologised, told us he’d have a chat with the manager and see if he could get some money off. Within minutes he came back to us and told us that my burger was on the house – even though I continued to eat it. A lot of places would knock a quid off and think that they we’re being generous – in fact I found a LIVE catapilar in a salad once in an overpriced Sheffield  cafe and got a quid back for the salad element of my meal – I still paid a small fortune for my tiny sandwich – which was really annoying. I won’t be going there again.

Anyway, as we chatted and ate, he came back not once, but twice to check that everything was OK. Not in a ‘trying to hard’ kinda way, but in an attentive and un-intrusive way. When we paid the bill, we even joked about the hair and had a laugh about it. Yes it was totally gross and it could have put me off going back. I could have tweeted a picture of the hair and totally embarrassed them… But their quick and friendly service stopped all of that – and I’m now much more likely to visit there again.

Shit happens. Chefs don’t always get it right – but the measure of any eatery is how they make up for that and this place set a fine example.

Well done mister waiter!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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