A damson in distress…

59171_10153258389350024_1511907870_nToday I was very kindly gifted this huge Tupperware box filled with damsons to make, bake and create with. They’re homegrown and smell incredibly sweet and delicious… Truth is, I have no idea what to make with them yet, so I’m researching as I write.

We have a coffee morning on Friday at work to raise money for Macmillan, and I’d like to bake a cake for this and include these delicious damsons. I’m thinking rich chocolate brownies with a hint of bitters and chunks of soft damson. Or a ginger-damson upside down cake with halved damsons carefully placed on the bottom/top. I haven’t research this, I’m just making it up – chocolate/ginger, coffee and chunks of damsons kind of go together right? I think so.

In making this I should have some left and a lot of the recipes I’m looking at for both plums and damsons suggest a crumble or fruit pie. But these are obvious right? And not exactly a top choice for a coffee morning, what with all the cutting and scooping – it’s just too fussy.

A few people on Facebook page suggested Jam – but I don’t have a preserving pan or jars I could decant it into. So how about savoury dishes? Nigel Slater is a HUGE fan of the delicate damson and has a mouthwatering duck recipe I’d like to try – maybe, just maybe I could rustle up a duck & damson dish at the weekend – I’m certain Dan wouldn’t say no to that.

Come on, help a girl out – if someone gave you a box filled with damsons, what would you make?

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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