All hail Howard…

Image via Radio Times

Image via Radio Times

I know I’m not alone when I say that I am well and truly hooked on this year’s #GBBO, and I don’t think you can live in Sheffield and love the show without secretly, or even not so secretly, having a soft spot for our Howard.

A former graphic designer turned council worker, Howard says on his website that he isn’t one for sweet and sugary treats – he prefers cheese, spices and savoury bites, which is more than evident in his baking. Granted Howard’s baking is technical and tasteful – but what I love about Howard the most is his character. Without even trying he has me in stitches – he’s sweet and the camera has a ‘thing’ where it focuses on his expressions… he’s a true creative and you can see him thinking, analysing and musing over his bakes… and the camera loves it. He’s sooo entertaining, and I’m guessing the whole of Sheffield is behind him. I hope they are.

… he’s a lovely chap and even if he doesn’t win, he’ll still have my support on his baking journey!

Best of luck Howard, and if I see you in the street… I will most certainly come and say ‘hello’!


Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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