So, I started a new [food & drink related] job today – want to hear about it?


Today was my first day in my new job. I am shattered and my brain is feeling a bit full – but not too full to tell you a little bit about it, as I’m sure I have my little old blog to thank for playing a small part in helping me get there.

In a nutshell, I’m helping to develop and manage the communications for some pretty cool drinks brands. Somehow, little Toot has been chosen, based on a very enthusiastic interview, to be creative and take some very exciting brands to the next level, in a sector I could have only dreamt of working in 12 months ago.

The brands I’m working on include beers, ready to serve, liqueurs and more. I’m sure they’ll see me attending amazing events, sampling great refreshing drinks and meeting some very talented people. It will be hard work, long hours at times and I’m sure it could even get a bit emotional – but I’m up for the challenge – I’m so excited about the next phase of my career. [Excuse the over-emotional nature of these next few sentences, but] I’ve come a loooooong way in the past eight years… I was homeless, parentless and penniless goddam it – now look at my life – I STILL can’t stop pinching myself! I feel blessed to see my hard work pay off and to have such an exciting opportunity, and if I could hug my blog for playing a part in my journey, I would!

The best thing about it is that I know the best of it is yet to come. How exciting?

Any how, I’d love to stay and chat, but I have plans to write.

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


4 Responses to “So, I started a new [food & drink related] job today – want to hear about it?”

  1. EatDrink&DIY

    Congratulations!! My husband sells alcohol and it definitely does take us both to some fantastic events!
    You will love the change! Being surrounded by likeminded people is a beautiful thing, best of luck with it.


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