Tis the season to eat porridge… How do you eat yours?


It’s getting colder very quickly this year. We’re not quite ready to crank the heating up yet at home, but the cold long nights of winter are well on their way. We even contemplated getting the hot water bottles out last night, but Dan wouldn’t let me… So I settled with extra wooly socks and a few layers instead.

I’ve been eating porridge all summer, I bloody love the stuff, but now it’s getting colder, I want more interesting flavours and textures. Whilst a sloppy bowl will do when our days are filled with daylight ad t-shirt weather, it just doesn’t feel good enough when it’s cold.

The other day I tried my first interesting porridge combo, I made it on the hob (it was Aldi porridge by the way – it’s better that Oat So Simple when made on the job) and added a little sugar, some desiccated coconut and a big handful of raisins.

I sometimes have it with honey and I LOVE the idea of maple syrup and fried fruits such as apricots and mango… Oooo!

To be honest I could probably write a daily blog post about the stuff, but I’ll not. What I do want to know is how you eat yours? What weird and wacky flavours should I be trying out this winter?

I shall review the best!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


10 Responses to “Tis the season to eat porridge… How do you eat yours?”

  1. judilyn

    We eat a five-grain cooked cereal about 360 days a year, interspersed with blueberry pancakes now and then (today!). Load it up with fruits, nuts and seeds = powerhouse of nutrition to keep you going until lunch time!

  2. Derek Andrews

    I like to try different things when I have time, but never thought of frying fruit to go with it. How is that done?

    More often than not I make my porridge with large rolled oats, a little salt, and a level teaspoon of ground ginger, all cooked in water. Served with almond milk and honey.

    • hayleyjaynefood

      Fried fruit does sound good. I’m sure that’s possible, although it may turn runny.

      Our friends have it with almond milk. Love the sound of ground ginger – I bet cinnamon is nice too! I’ll have to try them x

      • Derek Andrews

        Yes, cinnamon is good too. It used to be a staple then one day the packet was empty, but right next to it was the ginger. A tradition was born.

  3. judilyn

    Dried cranberries and diced dates are mixed in with the five-grain cereal that we eat for porridge. During the cooking process, they all but disappear, leaving behind a lovely ambience of “sweet” without being “in your face” with it.

  4. Rosie

    I love porridge too but not enough to eat in during the summer! I’m enjoying a return to it now, my top two are
    1) Grated apple and sultana, with cinnamon
    2) Banana and date, with cinnamon (I like cinnamon!)
    I make it in the microwave with just water for 1 minute then stir in some milk and give it another minute.

  5. jennypugh

    I’ve also been eating porridge throughout the summer (1kg for 75p, bargain!).
    I have 50 grams of porridge with 250ml milk, 2 minutes in the microwave, stir, 2 minutes in the microwave again, then I stir in 1 tsp of value lemon curd (22p a jar, another bargain!) and either 30g sultanas or an apple, diced with the peel on. I’ve converted two family members to my porridge recipe as well! I like the idea of coconut, I’ll have to try that 🙂


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