So, how do you cook the perfect jacket potato?


We love jacket potato. It’s healthy, filling and filled with vital nutrients. Problem is – we don’t own a microwave, and we work loooong hours, which means that cooking a perfectly crispy jacket potato when we get home just isn’t an option. If we really want one – we usually head down to London Road and buy one. It’s such a shame…

I had the afternoon off work today – after a coffee with a friend, and lunch with Dan, I decided that today was a perfect opportunity to cook us a spud for dinner. With the first chill of Winter arriving, and the rain beating on the ground outside… who wouldn’t want a belly-warming jacket potato for tea?

What is a perfect jacket potato then? We’ve all had them. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Need I say anymore?

Want to make one? I’ve done some research and believe these are the five simple steps to creating a crunchy yet fluffy jacket!

Step 1: Use Desiree potatoes. Wash them, pat them dry and leave out somewhere on your work surface to dry completely. Prick the skin with a fork.

Step 2: Smother them with vegetable oil – get in there with your hands and make sure they are covered.

Step 3: Rub in plenty of salt. Some recipes say to use sea salt – but sea salt vs table salt, they’re kind of the same thing, so just use whatever you have in.

Step 4: Put them in the oven on a medium to high heat. Cooking them on a lower heat for longer ensures a good crunch. Whilst baking them on a higher heat with have them on your plate quicker – they won’t be perfect!

Step 5: Bake for between 1 hour 30 mins and 2 hours dependant on the size. You can test with a sharp knife if needed – ours were pretty big and I baked them on 180 degrees for 2 hours. Slice in half and enjoy with your favourite filling.

C’mon – I know it’s a totally easy thing to make – but hey, we all love a perfect jacket potato!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


5 Responses to “So, how do you cook the perfect jacket potato?”

  1. judilyn

    Hayley, do you have a slow cooker (Crock Pot) of some kind? You could precook the potatoes in there, and then put them in the regular oven for a much shorter period of time to crisp them up like you prefer. You could let them cook overnight, even on a work night, then refrigerate in the morning. When you get home from work, a few minutes in the oven should do it. I’m sure you can think of a lot of ways to use pre-cooked spuds!

    • hayleyjaynefood

      This is such a good idea – I don’t have a slow cooker yet, but I want one. Would they cook OK overnight and are they still lovely and fluffy? x

      • judilyn

        Yes, they would cook fine overnight; but, no, they wouldn’t be as fluffy. Cooked potatoes are wonderful to have around for a quick tea. Sauté some onions, add the sliced or chopped potatoes, than sprinkle some cheese over the top. Cover for a minute or two to melt cheese. Sprinkle on an herb that you like (I fancy tarragon these days), and serve up pronto. Still some left over? Make a white soup base, toss them in, and you have a great starter for the next day.

  2. judilyn

    Hayley, I am so pleased to see your self-reliance and abilities to make nutritious food from what you have on hand. You will be a very good cook your whole life – easy to spot! I have been cooking for sixty years, and still learn things all the time – sometimes from you! ;->


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