Happy 40th birthday to my big sister…

My oldest sister turned 40 today, which makes we feel really old. There’s 15 and a half years between us, but still – the fact that I’m old enough to have a big sister that’s 40 scares the b-Jesus out of me, although she doesn’t look much older than 30. I’d like to think that having me as a younger sister keeps her young!

We kept our celebrations in the family and went to Potter and Hill in Foulridge, which is owed by our brother-in-law and his wife. He was in the kitchen, along with my nieces boyfriend, and we all helped to set up and serve. Along with a spiced chai latte (which is amazing – I cant recommend it enough) and Buck’s Fizz, I went for a home made lamb hot-pot special, served with white baguette and creamy butter! Most people had the same, with a few opting for panninis and a veggie shepherds pie.

Whilst I’d like to take credit for Jeannine’s amazing birthday cake, I can’t. It was lovingly made my our brother-in-laws wife who makes lots of cakes every week for the cafe.  This one didn’t disappoint – she made  a light chocolate layer cake covered in chocolate and pretty decorations. I also had to give a speech (which no one bothered to warn me about) and I made her cry, and myself! I’m maybe not the best person to give speeches eh?

I’m writing this post as we drive back to Sheffield (to publish when I get home – I really need some sleep) so I’ll keep it short and sweet. Here’s a few pictures from our celebrations.







Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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