Want to know how to shop on a budget? Aldi. Go shop at Aldi.


Before any of you ask, this isn’t a sponsored post and I have been in no way influenced by the powers that be at Aldi to write this.

Truth is,  I love and hate Aldi at the same time. Somehow, Dan and myself can go around Aldi, throwing in whatever we like and we never spend over £60. Where as at Morrisons, even when we’re being careful we usually spend about £60 – and that’s buying from their super value range. What’s with that?

The recession has seen more and more of us move towards the no frills, rough around the edges ways of Aldi. Whereas before we cared about brands – now, all we want is food in our belly. Good food – and Aldi knows how to good food, without whacking the words ‘premium’ or ‘luxury’ in front of the product name and charging us twice as much for it. Everything is cheaper, and there’s less to choose from – make us more likely to fill our trolly with the stuff we need, rather than the stuff we want (they also always have a good range of cheap flowers too).

… And that’s what I hate about Aldi. Sometimes I want to wander the aisles and say ‘Oooo, what’s this’ and try it. Sometimes I want more choice, more freedom to cook different things – but then I have to remind myself that this isn’t very creative of me. Cooking should start and end with basic ingredients – and Aldi has these. If I want premium meat, fancy cheese or fresh seafood – I go to markets and local producers, where it’s still cheaper than larger supermarkets and supports local business. It takes a bit of planning – but it’s totally worth it.

There’s nothing to say that if you need a fancy ingredient from the likes of Waitrose of Tesco, you can’t pop in – but if you need to shop on a budget; plan ahead, get creative, think about what you want to eat and shop for the basics at Aldi and your local food producers…

Plus they come top on taste tests AND have great adverts. What’s not to love?

Long live Aldi – and healthier bank balances!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


2 Responses to “Want to know how to shop on a budget? Aldi. Go shop at Aldi.”

  1. carly

    Everyone loves a bit of Aldi – i’m biased though as i would be out of a job without them. Love the blog – i was reading one the other day about a guy who blogged a new salad recipe everyday for a year!


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