Oh Wales! I love you…

Yesterday we scaled Mount Snowdon. It was the most amazing, breathtaking and difficult walk I have done to date. The terrain is jagged and ferocious, there are lakes above lakes with the purest water I have ever seen… and when you think you’re at the top, the mist deceives you. We walked through clouds until we were above them and although we couldn’t see much from the top, on the way down through the clouds, the views were spectacular. I’m so happy to have ticked this off my bucket list, and we will most certainly walk it again.

After 6 hours of walking, my legs had turned to jelly and we were ready for rest. We were staying at the Llyn Gwynant Campsite, a beautiful plot of land at the top side of lake beside a mountain. Although we only stayed for one night, it was really magical. We lit a campfire in a fire pit with wood bought on site, and ate stone baked pizza baked in a portable pizza oven from Jones’ Pizza Company (if you’re looking for an event caterer, I would definitely recommend them). They make their dough from Italian flour in the mornings and bake the pizzas on a wood fire in the evening. Enjoying this beside a campfire was an amazing experience – even as it rained, we didn’t retreat to our tents until we were getting properly wet.

The campsite bans stereos and music so you can enjoy the sound of laughter and nature. I slept for a solid 9 hours, in a tent, which is unheard of and in the morning the atmosphere was calm and relaxed (and they told us this was manic with it being the Bank Holiday). It’s so peaceful. What a perfect birthday present for Dan!

Even better, it’s full of nature. From a beach at the top of the lake (which you can explore via canoe), to a family of swallows, with chicks, living in the rafters of the ladies loos. I loved it and it topped of our mountain adventure perfectly. I’d share their links with you, but I’m still blogging from my phone. Please do check them out.

Off to take my sore limbs to bed. It’s Dan’s birthday tomorrow – hope you’re ready for some cake recipes.

Until then

Hayley Jayne xx


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