Blogging from the summit

Yesterday myself and Dan arrive in Llandudno, Wales. It’s his birthday on Sunday, so I booked us into a seafront hotel last night, and a lakeside campsite tonight. When I wrote this post, we were sat in a tent overlooking a lake, below a rocky mountain, so far out of signals reach, I couldn’t publish it there and then. Now? I’m sat on the top of Mount Snowdon in the clouds, in a cafe enjoying a scone (with lashings of cream) and a coffee. I’M BLOGGING ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN.

Yesterday was amazing too! I’d never been to Wales before (sheltered childhood) and we’d not be to the UK seaside for 2 years, so it was a welcomed break and the great British weather didn’t let us down. We had wall to wall sunshine, which more than made up for todays rain. We could have easily have been in the South of France.

We started the day with ice cream before walking up Great Orme. We took in the views out to sea, across to Anglesea and Puffin Island and ate chips and ketchup before strolling back down. Then we went on a boat ride… I’d NEVER been on a sea boat before (again, a result of my sheltered childhood). We ate candyfloss and had a tour of the Llandudno coast – it was beautiful. After a walk on the beach, with the tide out and the soggy sand and seaweed beneath our feet, we went back to the hotel and got ready for a meal out. It was nothing too fancy – just some spagbol and a glass of red wine in a lovely little Italian place.

Sometimes it’s just nice to be away. To be by the sea. Up a mountain even. Has anyone written a blog post up Mount Snowdon before? Who knows?

Tonight? We’re heading back to camp for fire cooked pizza!

So until tomorrow!

Hayley Jayne xx

(Look, I’m up there)



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