How to plan a five course dinner party

Tonight I’m cooking for the Baybutts. I owe Rich big time as I won the Electrolux #flavouroffilm competition thanks to his picture, then took Fera to enjoy a seven course meal at Hibiscus with me. It’s also Dan’s birthday – and I kind of owe him too, as I also didn’t take him to enjoy it with me. So I’ve gone all out. I’ve pulled out all the stops and prepared a five course meal, from scratch. The hardest part? It was the planning, so here’s a few tips.

Start with a soup that you can prepare in advance. Keep it simple, colourful and serve a small portion.

Follow this with a rich salad. Think cheese or seasoned meats. Warm salads are great on a cold day, or as part of a wholesome combination of dishes. Salads don’t need to be boring or too healthy.

Next should be your first main. I’ve chosen a small main without meat. Something that won’t tip your guests over the edge of fullness as they need to keep room for your next dish.

Your final savoury dish should be your meat dish. Whether its a fillet, a pie or a pastry. Make sure it’s a dish cooked to impress.

Finally, dessert. Don’t be afraid to leave some time between your final main and your dessert. Your guests will more than likely be full now, and you want to make sure they have room to enjoy it.

I’ll be blogging the recipes for my five dishes over the next few days!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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