Beacons Festival: Day 3

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So, we’re home from Beacons. After working 11 days straight, and two days at a festival with no break, I was feeling the strain. My liver was beginning to hate me too – a lack of fruit and vegetables plus two days drinking on the trot was taking its toll. Granted I didn’t feel half as bad as most of the people at the festival, but I’m a light weight, so we decided to skip the morning rush out of the campsite and head home after Django Django.

Whilst we waited for their set we sampled not one, but two foodie treats. The first was Gandhi’s Flip Flop, a vegetarian curry van that had proven so popular, their korma had sold out. I opted for a mixed vegetable curry in the hope that my body would like me again. The portions were bigger than most stalls and it was so tasty!

Dan opted for a dish as far away from veggie delights as possible, with an N.C. pulled pork and slaw burger for BBQ Reds. To say I’m not a huge fan of pork, I didn’t let up in asking for ‘another bite’ whilst Dan tucked in. It was totally ‘Man vs Food’. We need to go visit them in Leeds!

Finally, we washed this down with some delicious ice cream from Everyday is Like Sundae, a vintage ice cream van from Morecambe. It was a beautiful vehicle, and had done so well, she only had a few flavours left. I had an rich rum and raisin oyster and Dan had vanilla. She’d be great for a summer wedding and regularly travels around the North West.

Beacons Festival was incredible but we were glad to be back in our own bed by the end of it all. Now for a week off and a trip to Wales – I have a five course dinner to make tomorrow so I best get researching.

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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