Filling up at Pho68


Tonight we went to Pho68 for the second time. We went a few years ago, ordered the Set Menu A and remembered it dearly. As we’re not going to see much of each other this weekend due to work and what not, we decided to head back there for a meal – of mammoth portions.

Pho68 is a Vietnamese café and restaurant on London Road. The small corner eatery is always busy – we had to wait a few minutes for the table, in which time a few other couples joined the queue behind us and it was like this through the night. Busy = atmosphere. People laughing, chatting, clinking glasses. It’s also really laid back – and the staff are attentive without being fussy. We like it a lot.

On the recommendation of the waitress we had both of the Vietnamese beers to try. I had Sagon and loved it. The set menu consisted king prawns with a chili dip and crispy duck with pancakes to start. Amazing. I was full already. A main of not two, not three – but FOUR dishes swiftly followed our starter. These were; sweet and sour chicken, sizzling beef, garlic vegetables and yan chow fried rice. Eating from sweet small bowls, I was full quickly. Dan ate until he couldn’t anymore. Maybe too much food for two – but they let you take the rest home. For £14 each we got loads of dishes, a drink and a doggy bag. It’s an absolute steal.

Each dish served looked amazing – especially the vermicelli noodles, which I’ll be trying on my next visit. Would I recommend it? Yes! It’s maybe not your romantic night out kinda place – but it’s certainly perfect for a bite to eat and a place to relax!

Have you been to Pho68?

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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