Hello month 8!


Whoooaaaa! What a crazy month it’s been – my blog STILL doesn’t work at home, so I’m STILL blogging from my phone and trying to work out what my next move should be.

Despite all of the technical troubles, I’ve made it to month 8 of my year-long challenge to blog about food and drink everyday. I’m so flattered that people have continued to read my blog. Some days over 200 of you have come to have a nosey around – the majority of you taking the time to browse around at other posts.

I feel like in the wake of all the technical issues, my blog has been a little neglected. It’s been a tough old couple of weeks and I have recipes and reviews lined up to share with you, teamed with SLR images that I simply can’t get online. – as soon as it’s back up and running, I’ll share these with you.

In the meantime, here’s what to expect during August.

– It’s Beacons Festival and we have press passes, so expect a nosey around the local food stalls, plus the odd interview with a few of the artists.
– We’re also going to Wales, climbing up Mount Snowdon and attempting to have a picnic at the top – which should be interesting.
– It’s Dan’s birthday, and I have some lovely surprises up my sleeve so stay tuned.

So, all that’s left to say thanks for reading and here’s to another month!

Hayley Jayne xx


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