The most important plate in the world…

Today I accidentally broke the most important plate in the World. It’s a plate that greets me everyday when I come in from work and it never fails to make me smile. A gift from a good friend of mine, it’s the same plate my Mum owned when I was little. She had it on a stand on her dresser, we never used it – it was merely a decoration, in amongst lots of other pointless trinkets and dolls.

Last year this plate greeted me both on my friends wall, and in a hostel in Croatia when we went backpacking in the Balkans, just a day after I’d been saying how much I’d missed her. Out of nearly a hundred mis-matched plates, this one was at the top of the pile when I went to make my toast. I took it as a sign from my Mum trying to say ‘hello’. Knowing all of this, my friend kindly gifted her plate to me on the anniversary of when my Mum died. I love it and I treasure it dearly.

So, what happened? Well the smashing of this plate was pretty symbolic really. It reminds me of my own Mum, and was broken after I was upset by Dan’s Mum. Over the past few days she’s said some mean things both to me and about me. I was so annoyed that I slammed a door and the plate crashed to the floor and smashed into pieces (I don’t make a habit of slamming doors, I was really upset). I was already crying and I let out an almighty wail when I’d realised what I’d done. I kind of feel like it was my Mum’s way of saying she was pissed off about what was said to me.

So, we spent an hour piecing together the jigsaw of sharp smashed up plate-puzzle before glueing it back together. We’ve run out of glue so we’ll have to finish the rest tomorrow. From now on, I’m keeping the plate in a safer place, maybe in a protective box surrounded by cotton wool. Beyond my guitar, this is one of my most important possessions, as well as my favourite gifts. I’d be upset if this plate was broken forever.

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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