Help! There’s a spider in my tea cup!


I am obsessively scared of spiders. Every time I get into bed, I check under the covers AND pillows for creepy crawlies. When enter a room, I scan it to make sure there’s no eight legged friends waiting to scare the life out of me… And I shake every towel before I wrap it round me. In short, I’m really scared of spiders and I’ll do anything to avoid them.

Avoiding spiders isn’t easy when you live in an old building that’s full of them. I swear there’s a spider-army plotting under the floor boards for their next attack. When we first moved in we exterminated one spider a day for the first few weeks – some big, some small. Now i can literally sense where they might be, and will often look at a corner instinctively and tell Dan to ‘be prepared for a big one’. Horrible bloody things.

In recent months spiders have found a new place to taunt me. A place I go to every morning whilst half a sleep to get my caffeine boost. Not only are they in my kitchen… They are lurking on my mugs, cups and glasses. I rinse them out before I use them anyway, just incase a spider has been playing there during the night. This morning – there was a big once in my coffee cup. It’s a good job I rinse out my cups before I use them – otherwise I could have been one spider closer to the eight I’ll supposedly eat in my life time.

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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