Friday morning: To bacon, or not to bacon?

I’m writing this blog post on my way to work as I have a big decision to make this morning. It’s a question that will define the course of my day and even my weekend… To bacon sandwich, or not to bacon sandwich? This is the question.

In every office I’ve worked in, Friday morning is ‘dirty-sandwich-morning’ – and Propaganda is no different. At 9am an email goes round asking for breakfast orders before 9.30am and by 10am everyone is chopping on delicious greasy meaty breakfasts (I say everyone – I mean anyone who dares).

Here is my dilemma. I love bacon – I really love it. So much so that it made my combined 4-5 years of vegetarianism near impossible. There’s nothing more enjoyable than two rashers of well cooked bacon placed between two well butter slices of seeded bread with a dollop of Heinz finest ketchup… I’m drooling as I write this up on the train. But (and this is a big but), its 7.30 and I’m starving already. I start work at 8am and I’m usually enjoying a bowl of porridge and honey at my desk at ten past. Not only am I unsure whether or not I could wait that long… It’s not the healthiest breakfast option. Do I succumb to the greasy goodness of a bacon sandwich, or do I stick to my porridge and have a slight naught launch.

Ah, who knows. I face this dilemma every Friday morning! What would you do?

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


6 Responses to “Friday morning: To bacon, or not to bacon?”

  1. lonaj68

    Unfortunately , I would go the bacon.
    1. It’s Friday.
    2. While porridge is extremely good for you, it can be a little boring sometimes.
    3. It’s bacon….yum…


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