Get yer Tweet on and #Tweet4aTable

When I got to Leeds Station this morning on my way into work, I was accosted by a smiley lady who was shouting ‘free lunch or dinner’. Well, we all know how I feel about free food. I grabbed a leaflet and read it as a hurried into the office.

The Co-op are running a very smart campaign to promote their Truly Irresistible (in every sense) food range across major cities in the U.K. People are invited to #Tweet4aTable at one of their pop up restaurants for either lunch or dinner – all you need to do is tweet why you think you should win a table, how many people you want the reservation for, and what time. I did, and I won a table at 12.15 – I took our intern, Kirsty, with me for a little lunch time treat!

The pop up restaurant is on Briggate in Leeds today and tomorrow. The staff were really lovely, chatty and enthusiastic and the table/restaurant layout was fresh and simple. They couldn’t get an alcohol licence so Presecco was off limits, so we sipped on Sparkling Elderflower and posed with various props whilst we waiting for our food.

Our timer was set for 30 mins and we were served a delicious Antipasto platter with various items from the Co-op range. It was amazing! We enjoyed a feast of olives, various cheeses including Mozzerella and Comte – a cheese from the French mountains, accompanied by a tomato and chilli chutney, two types of hummus, olive bread, Peppadews stuffed with cream cheese and a selection of cold meats, including salami and prosciutto.
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We ate dinner whilst Leeds high street hustled and bustled around us. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and very well considered! From a professional stand-point, it was well executed in every which way. From a foodie-standpoint, I want to go and do it again. I loved it.

I wouldn’t usually think to head to the Co-op for picnic items, dips and nibbles – today has made me think differently. They’ve stepped it up a notch and I’m very impressed.

Well done team Co-op! You did we’ll today.

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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