I’ll never buy double cream again!

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Last weekend me and a few friends went down to the vintage fair at The Nichols Building at Shalesmoor in Sheffield. Drawn in my delicate plates, tea pots and picnic sets – I would have purchased everything if my bank account allowed, but I held off… instead I reminded myself that “I should only buy things that are useful”. I then stumbled across this Bels Double Cream Maker and had to have it. It came with an instruction manual written in conjunction with Zens Skinner – a celebrity cook of the time, and it made the prospect of making homemade double cream easy. Whooaaah – I could make double cream a home? Amazing!

There was another reason why I bought it; Dan can’t eat double cream. The shop bought stuff gives him stomach ache. He can have milk and butter as they are, so I assumed that some homemade cream combining the two would be better for him. He didn’t have a whole lot as we had to save it to make dessert, but he seemed to cope O.K. with it.

How does it work? It’s easy – you put milk in a pan and heat it, but never let it boil, add in your butter until in melts, then pour into the plastic container at the top and pump through – this clever little gadget emulsifies the mixture into cream… So what goes in a little yellow I colour comes out bright white. Next you leave it to cool in the fridge and you’re done… Beautiful, homemade and completely fresh cream. It doesn’t taste massively different – if anything it’s creamier and fresher. I made a mean creme brûlée with it on Saturday – it’s probably the nicest dessert I’ve EVER made!

Have you tried a double cream maker? Would you buy one?

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


2 Responses to “I’ll never buy double cream again!”

  1. Ann

    I’m following your blog every day and there’s always something very interesting to read. The cream maker looks very retro, fun and useful too, if you like cream . I must be one of the very few people who do not like cream however, so I’m afraid that I would not buy such a gadget. Now yoghurt is a different story, I always make my own and never buy it 🙂

    • hayleyjaynefood

      It’s so lovely to hear from you 🙂 Thanks so much for reading and commenting on my blog! I love cream – its a guilty pleasure. I’ve never made yoghurt, do you have a recipe? X


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