Dan’s romantic Friday-night BBQ [in pictures]

If you read my blog yesterday, you’ll know that I asked Dan to make me a three course dinner. Why not? After a hectic and exhausting week, and all the romantic dinners I’ve spent hours making for him, I felt like it was my time to sit back and have a lovely meal cooked for me.

So, I came home and around the corner of our bedroom I could see our outdoor table set up with my pretty gingham table cloth. He’d fashioned some ladders out of an old palet so I could climb down to the table out of our bedroom window and served me a glass of Sangria as soon as I walked through the door.

988253_10152984914150024_456262899_nOn the menu we had, olives and sun dried tomatoes (above) and grilled prawns and mushrooms (below).


993076_10152984977505024_2055662417_nFor the main we had boiled potatoes in a lovely garlic and spring onion dressing and some homemade (yes, totally home-made) curried burgers.


995097_10152985209340024_623260042_nAnd for dessert we had fruit salad. I loved the whole thing! My boy did good :).

600536_10152981146810464_1860868559_nUntil tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx




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