FIVE food adventures I want to go on before I die…


I believe there are two types of people in the World: Those who want to own things and those who want to experience things. I used to sit in the former camp – filling my life with pointless things I couldn’t afford. Now, I sit in the experience camp… Along side lots of our friends. Food is more than just fuel – it’s an experience, whether you’re eating a dirty Big Mac after a long drive, or sitting down for champagne and truffles. I want to fill my life with amazing food in stunning settings… Here’s my food-inspired bucket list.

Authentic Italy
I love LOVE Italian food so much. Making pasta, pizza and pesto all make me happy… And I love eating it too. My ideal Italian meal would be cooked by an Italian family – I’d ask for spaghetti bolognese, and we’d eat it on a terrace overlooking stunning Italian countryside, or a vineyard – whilst sipping red wine and laughing until the early hours.

An Electro-Swing themed tea party with ALL of our friends
This is one foodie experience I’m already organising – it’s our wedding. We’re not going for a full wedding breakfast as we want to invite everyone to every part of our day… So we’re asking everyone to bring homemade cake, to be served with high tea and sandwiches to the sounds of Parov Stelar, Caravan Palace and Quantic. There’ll be champagne too of course. I love tea, cake, fizzy stuff and electro-swing, and I can’t wait to share this with 150+ of the people we love.

Toot vs Food
I’ve never been to America and I fear that when I do go, I’ll come back obese after a Man vs Food inspired tour of all the dirty food joints we can find. I want my name on the wall of a diner in America… I want to be the person who tackles ‘Big Joe’s Burger Challenge.’ More than anything, I want to see what all the fuss is about – I can see it now… Me and Dan in a 1950’s style American diner getting to know the locals. I need to make this happen.

Fine dining on my own private beach
This is a BIG dream. You see the pictures… A stunning table for two on a sandy beach by a calm clear blue sea and private waiter serving champagne on ice. I want to be sat at that table, looking out to see on a hot night watching the sun sent and eating oysters (I don’t even know if I like oysters but it seems like the time and place). I want to hold hands with Dan, feed each other food and stare lovingly into each others eyes. Im such a soppy romantic. Ah – take me there now!

A picnic on top of a mountain
This is a stark contrast to my ‘dinner on a beach’ scenario. I want a picnic on top of a mountain. By picnic I don’t mean squashed sandwiches wrapped in tin foil – I want nice bread, dips, crisps, nibbles and Schloer… I’d like to eat it on a pretty blanket, with the sun beaming down on us. No Internet connection, no rush to scale back down – just me and Dan, on top of the World.

On more, this one’s a MUST. Our friends Ollie and Emma live in Australia – I’d love to go eat dinner with them, meet there friends and speak to Emma’s Italian family about food. I’ve heard that they cook the most delicious dishes – and I know they love food as much as we do. This isn’t just on my food bucket list – it’s on my whole LIFE bucket list!

What food adventures do you want to go on before you die?

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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