My two weeks without bread…

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 20.33.43

I love bread. There’s noting better than the scent of a freshly baked loaf on a Saturday morning. As a kid I used to love white Warbutons and obsessed over squashed cheese sandwiches. As I grew older I moved to wholemeal bread – my favourite is a Soya and Linseed loaf or any other seeded loaf – it’s much healthier for a start, and they taste so much nicer. I only eat white bread now when I have a hangover. Once upon a time I would have said that I couldn’t live without it… How times change.

In the last two weeks I’ve made the decision to cut down on bread. I was eating at least two slices each day on my sandwiches and every afternoon I was bloated and tired. Right now I’d go into the science of why I think this is, but I have no idea… Feel free to enlighten me if you do. The result of cutting out bread? I feel a million times better, my skin is clearer and I don’t feel bloated in the afternoon anymore. I still eat pitta bread and wraps on occasion – but not proper bread.

It’s so easy to rely on bread every day – it’s a staple part of our diet, how do I replace it? Well firstly at lunch time I’ve been opting for fruit and nut muesli with fresh strawberries and yoghurt. Beans on toast – well that doesn’t happen at the moment, and for a speedy weekend lunch, I treat myself to a toasted pitta with my favourite cheese filling, but nothing more.

I will eat bread again – but for now, I’m enjoying the challenge of living life without it – it’s easier that you’d think.

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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