Review: Devnaa indian inspired chocolates

So the conversation went something like this:

PR: Would you like to try some Indian inspired chocolates.


Anyone who reads my blog will know that I have an intense sweet tooth, that I have to manage by swapping sugar for honey in my tea and going cold turkey on chocolate every once in a while. I’m picky about the products I review and I’ve been offered chocolates in the past and declined – so why was I so excited to review these? They are Indian inspired chocolate… INDIAN! What did this mean? How could chocolate be inspired by the flavours so commonly associated with savoury dishes? I had to find out.


Firstly, the packaging is bright and vibrant – I love it. Each box is made to look like a tiffin – a traditional Indian lunch box, and the quality of the paper, card and print give you a sense of what’s to come – and kick start the Indian chocolate experience. When you open the box, and unwrap the paper, there’s a menu with spices you’d expect to see such as cardamon, ginger, cinnamon and saffron – the combinations are unusual, and the scent of spiced chocolate is unusual too. You’d be forgiven for feeling confused and uneased by what you’re about to eat… but fear not, your first bite will see this washed away.


When you get to the chocolates, each one is presented in it’s own pink paper case, which I much prefer over a horrible plastic moulded case. It’s clear that each chocolate has been carefully placed and arranged within the box. There’s so much attention to detail, from gold stickers, right through look of the chocolates.

DSC_0515Myself and Dan halved each chocolate and ate them over two nights. The flavours are so unusual, and so intense that you want to eat them slowly and a few at a time – you want to savour each bite as the flavour develops in your mouth and touches different parts of your tongue  From dark chocolates to light chocolates, each one has a subtle hint of spice without it being over-powering. If you like to bring out post dinner chocolates – put your After Eights away, and give these a try.

Although I enjoyed all of the chocolates, with the Cinnamon Praline and Rose and Ginger Creams at the top of my list – I have to say that the Chai Masala Caramel blew me away… and I usually turn my nose up a caramels. The blend of spices balanced against the sweetness is just devine… think Chai tea latte, in a chocolate. I could spend a whole night eating just this flavour alone.

I would defiantly recommend these both as an occasion chocolate and as a present for your sweet toothed family and friends. They’re the kind of chocolate you remember eating.

Want some? The Signature box I tried is £14.99 and can be purchased via here! 

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


2 Responses to “Review: Devnaa indian inspired chocolates”

  1. eventmanagement58

    I am really fond of chocolates and these look delicious to me. I must try it out.


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