Introducing the ‘Ruby Castel’ cocktail…


A few weeks ago the lovely guys and gals at Barefoot Wines challenged me to come up with some cocktails using their wine. Never one to say no to a tipple, I took them up on their challenge was sent two bottles of rose.

The first is a White Zinfandel which takes me way back to when I first started drinking (I was a sophisticated under-age drinker I’ll have you know) – this wine always takes me back to my trip to Ibiza – we didn’t open this bottle of wine as I’m saving this for another post, however I already know it’s a tasty wine.

The other bottle, Pink Moscato, is Fera’a favourite wine, hence why I used this in my first cocktail challenge. On its own Pink Moscato is a very sweet wine – not too far of being a dessert wine… I’ll be honest – I hadn’t tasted it before (my days of binging on Zinfandel put me off rose wine a little) – however, after one sip I’m converted back to my rose-wine drinking days… Pink Moscato is a perfect summer wine.

Now, on to the cocktail and the making of the Ruby Castel. On our way to Fera and Rich’s house we popped into Aldi and picked up some ingredients – these included pink lemonade, fruit juices and berries. Between us we also had vodka and gin – we laid all of them out on the table and, after eating pizza, made a right old mess inventing some cocktail recipes.


After much consideration, deliberation and an awful jagermeister cocktail from Dan – we all agreed that the apple, elderflower and strawberry infused rose cocktail we concocted was the winning combination. It’s sweet, summery and hits all the right notes. The rose content isn’t over-powering, however it still makes up 50% of the drink – making for a tasty and easy to drink long-cocktail. (NB – I found it a little too easy to drink… Ooops).


And the name? Well Rich has a stunning motorbike helmet, made by these guys in France. If I was ever to ride a motorbike – this little beauty would be my helmet of choice. So, in the midst of struggling for a name – we took inspiration from the Ruby helmet we’d been ‘oooing and ‘aaaahing’ at during the night, and named it the Ruby Castel. Lovely.

To make one cocktail you’ll need:

  • 3-4 starwberries
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • A tall glass
  • Apple and elderflower juice
  • Barefoot Pink Mostacto wine
  • Ice cubes (we didn’t have any – hence why there’s non in the image)


  1. In a bowl mush up your strawberries using a spoon and stir in a tsp of sugar.
  2. Spoon this into the base of your glass and top with ice. Fill to half-full with the apple and elderflower juice and top up with wine.
  3. Pop a strawberry on the rim of your glass.
  4. Enjoy!

So, next time you buy a bottle of wine – don’t just drink it as it is – make your very own Ruby Castel or get creative and invent your own rose cocktail recipe.

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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