My Food Challenge is as much about aspiration, as it is about food…


My Food Challenge was always the start of a journey. I knew this year wouldn’t be easy. I feel like I’m right in the middle of a huge storm – but my little blog, my small achievements and my modest focus is all part of my quest for a perfect life, my quest to be happy and my aspiration to achieve something more.

2013 started out as the year I faced the music. I know I don’t talk about my personal life much on here, and apologies for the emotional-blog-vomit, but my life has been hard – when I say hard… I mean two-dead-parents-and-coping-on-my-own-since-I-was-sixteen hard. Right now, I’m coming to terms with so much of this – and what this means to me as an adult, plus dealing with the financial implications. Dan, my closest friends, my sisters and this blog are just about keeping me going. It’s more complicated than that… I’ll save you the explanation – all I will say is that I’m dealing with one of my toughest challenges so far – and I’m so thankful I have this blog to keep me focused on what lies ahead at the end of the storm.

Somehow, when I bake cakes, cook for friends, write about food markets and dishes I’ve created – I feel like that (by that I mean my past) isn’t my life anymore. All the pain, and heartache and struggles just fades away into what was… and I get wrapped up in enjoying what is, rather than what was. 

My Food Challenge is so much of what I aspire my life to be like… delicious food and rich wine enjoyed with amazing friends over intelligent conversation, homemade pie and warm crumbles enjoyed with family, messy cakes made with the tiny hands of our children… all within the confides of our perfect urban home around a huge dining table, with a big enamel jug filled with wild flowers in the middle.

Writing this blog gives me a daily reminder that my life will be like that one day… and that every storm has to end someday.

So, if you thought this blog was just about food – you were wrong. It’s about starting a journey… and finding my way to that table, one day at a time.

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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