My new icing and biscuit set… [review]

A few weeks ago the lovely guys at sent me an icing and biscuit set to review for my blog. They must have seen the state of some of my cakes… surely!? It was definitely welcomed and I’ve really enjoyed trying it out over the past few weeks.

Until they contacted me, I hadn’t heard of – it’s really worth checking them out. They sell home-stuff and have a huge selection of kitchenware, gadgets and accessories. I could spend hours looking over their site, and from the looks of things they have products from a lot of suppliers, which saves scouring loads of different websites.

Anyhow, back to my baking gun. To say that there’s eight icing options and thirteen different biscuit options, the whole thing is very compact and comes in an easy to store box. Visual instructions make it easy to work out which attachement you want to use, and once you’ve filled and used it once – you have the hand of it.


To use it, all you do is select and pop on your attachment, spoon in your icing or biscuit mix in the other side and pull the lever to push out the content of the gun. It does require a bit of muscle and some practice, but I have to say, it’s loads easier than using cutters or a piping bag.

As you’ll know, my cakes look homemade. I don’t really do pretty cakes – which is mostly down to my lack of icing skills. On Elaine’s birthday cake I gave one of the star shaped nozzles a bash and it looked pretty good (to say I had done it). I used it to go around the edged of the top of the cake. DSC_0314

Biscuit wise, yesterday I made some bourbon style biscuits. I didn’t read the instructions and tried to use it on baking paper, which didn’t work as the paper lifted. After another read I scrapped that and realised that I needed to punch it out straight onto a baking tray – once I’d gotten that it was really easy, and a million times easier that using a cutter. I had my biscuits lined up and ready to bake in minutes.


For either the icing or biscuit purpose alone I would say that is one gadget every baker should own. The fact that it does both of brilliant and it’s less the £30.

Have you tried anything similar to this before?

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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