You know how it goes: Good food, bad service!

The sandwich undone by bad service - it could have been so perfect!

The sandwich undone by bad service – it could have been so perfect!

Picture this: You’re seated on a roof terrace in the sun. It’s a warm day, the sun is setting over the high rise buildings behind you and you’re starving and more than anything, you’re gagging for a drink.

Someone in your group has to hunt someone down to take your order. You pick your favourite wine from a list of 15 reds and they don’t have it. Not only that, it takes them an age to tell you this… So long you’re already halfway through your food and gagging for the glass of water you ordered, which never came. So you order a mocktail, which comes in a teeny tiny glass for the same price as the wine you wanted… And after asking three time you get your water. Finally.

The food is great. Red pepper and goats cheese sandwich with perfectly seasoned chips… Can’t get better than that for an after work meal/drinks/catch up. Oh and the napkins… I’m a sucker for a good napkin. However, all of this was overshadowed by the lack of knowledge of the staff… And the poor service. It was like no one knew what was going on. Drinks orders were messed up. We asked for sauces and didn’t receive them, and my friend had to wave someone down to serve her at the bar and pull them away from there o-so-important task of wiping a surface… just to pay!

It’s a shame. Such a nice setting. Great food. Tasty cocktails. All undone by terrible service. I don’t usually do bad reviews, but tonight I’m making an exception. Sorry guys… Oh and I’m not naming the restaurant – I don’t believe in naming and shaming!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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