The goldfish and mango episode…

Our goldfish died yesterday :(. Cecil has lived with us in his big round bowl, with two little friends, for 18 months. On Saturday he was swimming funny, and yesterday he was flopped on his side… We tried to save him but there was nothing more we could do, so we said our goodbyes and sent him to fishy-heaven (a.k.a down the loo).
When my oldest niece was little (she’s now leaving college – the fact that I’m telling this story makes me feel really old), she had a fish – cant remember his name. He was a traditional fish – no fancy fins, just an average orange little thing. He died – my niece was upset.
Now my brother-in-law is a prankster through and through. He used to hang me upside down ALL the time when I was little (he once hung me off a bridge above the sea – very responsible, I know) and had a habit of putting grapes in my shoes every morning. On that particular day he had some mango and was feeling really mean… He cut it into a fish shape and convinced his daughter, aged about 8, that he was eating her beloved fish. Although we laugh when we tell the story now and she thinks its pretty cool that her Dad played pranks like this, at the time she was scared and distraught. It was hilarious – I’d recommend this prank. Our dead fish reminded me of this – so I thought I’d share it with you.
On the plus side, we’re getting some new fish this week. I’ll be sure to introduce them to you!
Until tomorrow
Hayley Jayne xx

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